Get to know Gstaad, Switzerland

Get to know Gstaad

We’re very excited to be launching our newest ski school in Gstaad this December, and we’ve been having a look around our new resort and getting to know what makes it tick, so we are able to make sure we have exactly what clients are looking for during their stay.

We thought we’d share some of that info with you too, in case you were looking to head to Gstaad for a family ski holiday, or even head up from the areas of Geneva or Lausanne for the weekend to check it out. The reasons we have chosen Gstaad for our newest ski school, may well be the reason you do too!

The first time we ever visited Gstaad was in the glorious Alpine summer; full of hikers making the most of the 300km of trails, and mountain bikers, as well as well-dressed people about the town, the centre of town seemed smaller than we had imagined but the area it covers, much larger. And for skiing, that’s what counts. The village itself is car-free, and the scenery more majestic and reminiscent of rolling hills than our mountain-side home of Verbier with its steep faces and infamous powder terrain. However that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of steep slopes, with the famous Tiger Run, the legendary steepest ski slope, is in the Wasserngrat ski area and provides a 2.5km black run to get your pulse racing!

Home to the famous Glacier 3000, extending the season here from the end of October to the beginning of May, Gstaad has numerous ski areas within its reach, with three large ski areas and several more small ones.

We’re obviously all about the skiing and snowboarding, but it is nice to know what else the town can offer too! With a wide selection of activites, Gstaad is a great place for a winter getaway, especially with the family. Amongst our favourite outdoor activities are the night skiing which is available on selected days during the season, hot air ballooning and ‘geo-caching’ – a family friendly GPS treasure hunt! There’s also lots for the kids to enjoy after skiing; indoor bowling, climbing, swimming and even horse-riding.


We hope to catch you here soon!

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